Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"How to earn 10 times more than parents" Horiemon will tell you!

"How to earn 10 times more than parents"

Takafumi Horie: Society "How to earn 10 times more than parents" first part [private semaphore middle school]
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● Let's get cutting-edge information!

Using net news and SNS.

Let's fall in love with the flowers of Takamine

It is impossible for me! Hayate! ! !

● Let's use money without saving money!


Otani's fourth home run!


Yesterday was "Nanchatte Future Conference".

Yama, Shokotan, Yuki, Frog ...

was fun!

I want to get fruits (results).

for that purpose

Branches and leaves (technique) are important.

The trunk that supports the branches and the root, the root that supports the trunk (way of living).

Supports root, soil (self love) · · ·

The sun holding them with a feeling of altruism.

One, one

Stack it up and make it up.

Business is a therapy.

Sapporo, I enjoyed it to the utmost ♪

Thank you!

At the after-birthday cake and gifts

Really, thank you.

no ramen no life

It was awesome. lol

Second party is karaoke · · ·

"Michinoku alone travel" will do my best.

Thank you for your time, Sanae♪

Thank you everyone!


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


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