Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Are you going well? There are only two reasons why it does not go well. that is···

It is over today in April.

Are you going well?

There are only two reasons why it does not go well.

·not doing

· The way is wrong


once again,

Write out reflection points,

Please change them to improvements.

The point of reflection is ...

Check was sweet → Set opportunity to check

I can not move as I can absolutely → Make a movement that can always be accomplished

Daily reminds are sweet → Constructing a mechanism to remind everyday.

Today in the evening,

I was listening about the "World Children's Summit" ...

Official website http://kodomo-summit.com/



Thank you Mr. Yazawa.

↓ ↓ ↓

The state of last year ♪

Nishino of King Kong also participates ...

Mr. Suzuki of Mie Prefectural Governor ...

Than that

The children's speech is amazing!

Children awaken by children's voice.

People awake with the voice of children.


Today I returned from Sendai,

Lunch with a little while!

35 years, birthday, congratulations♪

Yesterday was lunch,

With Tracy One.

She is a nice leader in Taiwan.

Super reader with surprised market with sales of 140 billion yen ♪

I am always grateful for your help!

I proposed the Asian Union of the younger generation.

Yesterday afternoon to Sendai ...

Talk session with Mr. Akama, before planting ♪

was fun!!!

Sendai group is so good!

At「HONA」for after・・・

Yamazaki Takumi school is born in Sendai · · · Noda group ♪

I am looking forward to June.


Matsuzaka, you win!
Chunichi Dragons - Heisei Monster Complete Resurrection! ! ~
Daisuke Matsuzaka Japanese ball field 4241 days (12 years) for the first time! !
Escape successive losses! "Cheering gives me the last power !!" 6 times




ZOZO suit!


Apparel brand ZOZO · · ·

Using ZOZO suit (http://zozo.jp/zozosuit/)

Start selling T-shirts perfect for you and denim pants!

Do you want to see one? !


A well-fortunate fortuneteller


Thank you everyone!

Thank you in all over!


Congratulations ♪

You guys really has to stand out!!!

Thank you Apple pie!

Thank you in Sapporo!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.