Monday, April 2, 2018

This book is a book of "How to earn", but not idealism or desk topic ... I will make those who read concretely upwards income. I came back to Japan.

When I came back, "Spring time!" (Laugh)

Cherry tree in full bloom! ! !

In an airplane ...

Now, I am writing a book "How to earn money"

I thought what kind of thing I would like to tell the most.

There is no doubt that it is a book of "How to earn" ...

It is not an ideal theory or a desk sky theory ...

We will make those who read specifically upward their income.

So, as soon as you start your side job,

I would like specific income to be raised.

In that sense, it is also "recommendation of side job".

The way of life of the readers becomes stronger.

I would like to be such a "book of way of life".

What is happening in Japan now?

How was the history so far?

By knowing

To arouse

By arousing

I noticed their own tokkara

By noticing

Behavior happens naturally

By moving

To start to change


I want to make a striking book.


What kind of life do you want?

What society should I do?

I want you to start thinking about everything.

It is likely to be such a book of thought! 

Writing ↓ ↓ ↓ Show a chiller ↓ ↓ ↓

Type of person who can earn ● Become a person to know

When you become a person who wants to know "What about truly?" The antenna will be in a standstill state.

It is also important to know "the current state of Japan" seen from the world.

What will happen in the future as "the population decreases", what happens when the "food crisis" comes ...

Knowing "modern history of Japan" will also become a big force.

And it is important to try to know "What is the real meaning of life?"

By doing so you will get "Is this true?" And "Sense of suspicion of common sense".

New idea is overflowing "Is it better to do this?" Or "Is this really the right answer?"

The information I have been slewing until now will stay in my ears and the new world will open with "That, maybe there?"!

Now that there is internet, you no longer need to go to a big library.

Just peeping in with a little interest, the information overflowing a lot of your curiosity is overflowing.

Even if you just begin to learn about "basic income" the world will spread. It is a story that quits social security and uniformly distributes money to the people.

Mankind may be released from "to work for eating" while we live.

TED's Dr. Jill Bolti Taylor's "Miracle Brain" speaking of the stroke experience will also instantly change your way of living.

When the left brain fails and deeply touches the world of the right brain, she notices whether there is such a beautiful world. It is a story of Doctor 's "brain and way of life".

The "simulation hypothesis" which also boosts Mr. Eilon Mask is also interesting.

"Actually this world was the world inside the computer !!" It is a theory.

The story of the president of Japanese food and drink that solved Somali piracy problem also gives the best stimulation.

"Why are you going to pirate?" It is a story that I exchanged tuna and taught me how to eradicate pirates.

Bashar talked about the world after death in "Bashar 2017". It seems that we as a recognizer do not disappear after death.

The feeling of "myself" expands and becomes thinner, but he says that he will continue to exist. Naturally, it seems to be a different world from the value of this world.

What kind of way of life is waiting if we have reached the minimum amount of income to support living and can satisfy a little desire as well?

What can you do when you can release from working hours by rights income and do it every day?

Please know more about the world.

Please know more Japanese.

Please know more about yourself.

Please know the truth more.

For what did you come here for this generation?

What kind of things are you excited about?

If there is no restriction what kind of way do you want to live?

In truth, what kind of person do you want to be?

The world changes at the moment you declared in your heart.

Now, please declare.

"I will live like me".

<Teaching how to earn points>

Great thing happens with Assassi.


While the rest of the memories of Hawaii drifts

Let's build the next dream and proliferate the memory of the future ♪

Thank you.

Beautiful sky.

When you return, cherry blossoms ...

full bloom! ! !

Spring time! ! !


Katomari, thank you!

Uniforms arrived!

Matsuzaka Daisuke player! ! !

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Letters from Millionaire
A book of books I read in Hawaii.

It was the book that I learned the most and was interesting! ! !


How to increase instantaneous power

It's a nice book!

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