Monday, April 2, 2018

Do you know Pete Talk ♪?

From Nodacchi Mail magazine ...

"the word is

To affect life

have power"

(Nakamura Weather)

Power of words ...

I feel it.

Pete Talk ♪


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 Do you believe "the power of words"?

Pet-talk, originally in the US before the game of sports coach or coach

It is a short encouraging speech we are going to encourage athletes.

"Pep" is English, meaningful, energetic, energetic.

Japan's leading athletic trainer Yoshihisa Iwasaki is playing at American sports scene

I learned "inspiring speech giving courage" to myself, family, friends

It has established as a communication skill to communicate.

It can be practiced immediately at the educational site, at home, in the workplace, as well as at the sports scene

Communication with simple and positive words. 


Let's go out of Hawaii to Japan! ! !

This sun is comfortable ♪

Business session and party was amazing ♪

Hawaii tour of 5,000 people! ! !

Steve van Andel · · ·

Are not you retiring? !

Morning and autumn bought ~ ♪

This fruit shop

dangerous! ! !

Back of the trump tower ...


【Elementary and secondary school student "future occupation" popularity ranking 1st place of men and women? 】

(6-12 years old)

1. Soccer player
1. Patissier


(13-15 years old)

1. Public officials
1. Doctor


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.