Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I went to see "Remember Me". Cried. Cried. That's a great movie!

"Remember me"

I went to see.



That's a great movie!


The song is also nice!



If you would like to participate in the meeting to learn Japan tomorrow please contact us.
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The 12th Learning from Japan I LOVE JAPAN ❤ Study Group
Tuesday, April 10 (Tue) from 19: 00-22: 00

God play which Japan loves

"The story of a country of Japanese" special recitation

Takumi Yamasaki, Ryuhei Mochizuki, Naomi Ito, Kyoko Nagamine, Koji Ito, Chika Takahashi and others
Location Takumi Yamazaki Office (Azabu Juban)
Membership fee 2000 yen

☆ What is the meaning that you were born in Japan?
☆ History of Japan's truth hidden after the war
☆ What is the reason why Japan is the oldest history in the world?
☆ What are you doing with Emperor Hoshi?
☆ The story of love and emotion of the predecessor
☆ When you know your roots you notice your mission
☆ It is this special collaboration recitation meeting again!

I want to upgrade the Japanese self-affirmation!

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From Mr. Noda's mail magazine

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Awareness survey on mind and body health of high school students - comparison between Japan, the United States, China, Korea
(>> http://www.niye.go.jp/kenkyu_houkoku/contents/detail/i/126/)

according to

I think that I am a valuable person,

(Percentage of those who answered "Yes" or "Well so")

Japan 44.9%

US 83.8%

China 80.2%

Korea 83.7%

I am satisfied with my present self

(Percentage of those who answered "Yes" or "Well so")

Japan 41.5%

US 75.6%

China 62.2%

Korea 70.4%

, Japan seems to be lower self-affirmation compared to other countries.


"Gaia's Law"

Rothschild, Freemason, Anglo - Saxon - Why are they the top of the world?

If this book is interesting

I heard.

I will try buying it.__________________________

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.