Saturday, March 24, 2018

To make your lucky up ...

To make your lucky up ...

I talked in Himalaya!

↓ ↓ ↓

[Himalaya application] "Yamazaki Takumi ☆ secret of motivation"

Audio is distributed as a radio program. In case

To bring up luck ...

Being with a lucky person.

I put myself in a high-fortune corps.

Popular place where people gather ...

It is also a power spot.

I carry my feet.

The luck goes up.

There is a way of using money.

The luck goes up.

Cherish your words.

Positive, bright, gather nice words.

It will acquire positive attitudes.

Irimoto's Speech ...

In Kaoru's words "everything is boundary, good-bye if it is not there"

Ultra-impact is a strong word. 

In Okayama・・・


Miraculously by taking one earlier

Get off at Fukuyama miraculously!!!

In a hurry,

You can catch the venue of Okayama by taxi! ! !

It's a miracle!!!

Afternoon was at "Harupin"! ! !

Super recommended place i Okayama

Thank you Irimoto san♪

Yesterday I moved from Tokyo to Hakata in the morning ...

Lunch at Hakata, and a seminar

Everyone ♪

Thank you very much.

Two hours explosion talk in Tokyo, Shibuya yesterday!!!

Keijiro's house dinner picture.



Thank you everyone!

Onigiri yesterday!!!
Thank you Michan.

Thank you.

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