Monday, March 12, 2018

Kaoru 's birthday yesterday! It was powerful ♪

Kaoru 's birthday yesterday!

It was powerful ♪

YOyogi uehara's enka show!!!

Party in Park Hyatt was great too!

Mr. Kawamura's song by LUNA SEA,

Especially Goodbye Moonin ♪

It was amazing!

The engine hangs and "Bohemian" moved to Nishi Azabu!

it was fun!

This shop,

I am being put in a member!

Takahashi Ayumi focuses on the world! ! !

↓ ↓ ↓


New York, LA, Jamaica, Bali ...

Hide your world in the world! ! ! It is a place where my friends get the stimulation at the best!



The day before that was held in Osaka for "Yuniwa" luncheon party!!!

If you make a meal with all your heart

Beyond meals as a nutrition intake.

It changes with a new ceremony.

Yuni, please go! ! !

It is Hirakata (Hirata) so I'm closing from Kyoto ~ ♪


Today I moved from the morning and Takamatsu! ! !

I got up at 5:30!!!


When I was a little young, I did not know anything scary.

I met a wonderful girl in her twenties who told her that she was a girl.


Return to that time! I told her.

Then I will return to the energy of that time.


A youthful person

People like OBahan

People like grandmother

There is an air feeling that person brings forth.


behave like that time.

A gesture like that time.

Let's regain energy like that time ~ ♪



I will not make mistakes or explosions like that hour.

So do not be afraid, just like that time

Thank you everyone!

Thank you!

In Hokkaido and Nagoya・・・

I like this energy.

Thank you!

Shikoku girls!!!

Thank you!

Did you get facial massager?!

In Nagoya・・・
Than kyou!

In Nagoya・・・
Thank you!
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