Saturday, February 24, 2018

Delivery starts at "Takumen" @ NY / LIC ♪

[Diffusion hope] New York information ♪

Delivery starts at "Takumen" @ NY / LIC ♪

Popular "Chicken Wing" "Don thing" "Ramen" too! ! !

Spicy sesame miso ramen ♪ I am addicted! lol

Chicken wing is cheese, jerky! ! !

Please adore ~ ​​♪

Takumi Yamazaki


[Himalaya application] "Yamazaki Takumi ☆ secret of motivation"

Audio is distributed as a radio program. In case

[Takumen @ NY's homepage]

Takumi Yamazaki is eating and drinking at New York LIC!

[Takumen Apartment "Five fifty reserved subret room"]

If you want to stay in New York ♪

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[Takumi Yamazaki English book "shift"]


New York, LA, Jamaica, Bali ...

Hide your world in the world! ! ! It is a place where my friends get the stimulation at the best!

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Japanese is

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

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