Monday, January 22, 2018

When I can not meet I say "lonely" It is ugly. Cool woman say "fun" when she is together with boyfriend.

[Difference between ugly and a cool woman] by DJ Aoi

An ugly girl who starts over again with a broken man

A woman who is good at breaking up at the preparedness of the separation of this life

An ugly  girl who has nothing that can only be crazy

A woman who has something that can be crazy than love affair

Ugly girls getting anxious soon

A nice woman wishes to reassure a man who fell in love

Ugly woman sacrificing self-sacrificing love in search of return

A nice woman who should give a affection with affordance not asking for a return

Ugly lady worries about cheating on a man

A nice woman worried about men's health

Ugly lady who says "lonely" when we can not meet

A nice woman wishes to say "fun" when she is meeting with him

Ugly girl who sticks to excessive looks

A nice woman who wishes to look handy as much as she can afford

Ugly woman seeking relationship that does not care

A nice woman should not forget her thoughts no matter how deep her relationship is

Ugly lady trying to make a man happy

A nice woman who is trying to make herself happy with her own power

have to be in love is a ugly woman who can not be a woman

A nice woman who should be able to be a woman properly without love

Ugly lady who will become tuna at night

A woman wishes to be a flying fish in the night

I feel sorry.

The woman who was going out was just a bushy

Please take care of yourself

Lie is a vanity to protect yourself from self defense of inferiority and there is a feeling of inferiority of that person at the place where you lie


Yesterday was "Wada Kin" with mother filial piety!
Miyagi family also joined and it was fun!

Finished, joined with Mr. Tado,

To Yokkaichi Meeting!!!

Dragon restaurant was great~♪

Thank you!

In Nagoya・・・

In Hamamatsu・・・

In Hokkaido・・・

In Tokyo・・・
Thank you!

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