Wednesday, August 23, 2017

There is no limit!

There is no limit

Alan · Cohen's words · · ·

If there is no limit
What will happen?

The limit becomes a frame
We are drawing the world
If you let go of the limit condition
What kind of picture can you draw?

Do not limit your dreams!
Do not limit your goal setting!

Mr. Azumi
It was the content that was speech 20 years ago ...

I trembled with that phrase ...
I broke through with that phrase.

Let go of your limits ...
Let your limit free ...



DVD of "Rules of 44 where great things happen"

Actually, the way to Hiroshima the other day, I was driving while watching the DVD of "Rules of 44 where great things happen assaulty" borrowed by Tsutaya ⤴⤴
That DVD is amazing! ! !
Of course, I think that everyone will be a fan of the legend if I show that DVD
Actually I was sucked in! !

Legend will come home at 108 yen ☆ ☆
Moreover, it will do seven nights (lol)

Thank you!
He calls me a legend ...


Seven nights DVD 100 yen! ! !
Thank you for your cooperation. (Lol)

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.