Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I reached Los Angeles! ! !

I reached California!
Ryuko Andrew came to pick me up
I moved to Orange County.

I know the city of "Laguna Woods" here.
A city where only retired people can live ...
This will be a picture of Japan in the future! 

Schools, etc. eliminate unnecessary facilities in this town,
It is a community town that enriches what is necessary for this city! ! !


『What is retirement house』  http://oikohken.or.jp/column/?p=224 

◎Laguna woods villege community site http://www.lagunawoodsvillage.com/index.cfm


From Takumi Yamazaki of "Yarukino switch"

· Coach who wants to acquire more clients
· Leader manager who wants to pull out motivation of fellow subordinates more
· To people who want to self-control their own motivation

It can be executed from the next day of the course!
You can earn clients!

Recover the opponent's motivation in front of me to MAX in only 30 minutes

"Yarukino switch"
Personal coach training 1 day course!
Participants are accepting.

Click here for details ↓



By Kato ...
GITD songs are from joysound,
It seems that karaoke was delivered! ! !

* ^ _ ^ *)


★ Okamoto Shinsuke ★

This party too↓↓↓Nice♪


This bag・・・soon you can buy♪

4 nights travel compatible size and
It is a size that can be brought on board.

37000 yen!


There is a mysterious karaoke cafe in Hamamatsu.

A store where dreams come true? !
Do you feel better? !
The luck goes up.

Karaoke cafe「Ren」・・・


Tsujimura miracle arrives♪

Thank you!

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.