Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The celebration party ... Although it was a sorry party, Spirit Dents grows greatly with this regret going on for a year.

After the game,
I went through an impeachment society with a circle.

Kai san clapped his voice.
That tear was everyone's tears.

Spree Dents Baseball
I will not let you do it
The game is over.

I can not take it where I can take points ...
It was taken by the opponent.

During practice
For support of the reguler
Feelings of sub players who moved
Cheer, the time spent by everyone in Brabang, to passion
I can not respond,
I felt sorry.

I wanted you to dance three times.
I wanted you to play three times.

Everyone who cheers,
Thank you very much.
I was touched by the voices of lots of people.

A celebration party ...
It was a sorry party
With this year's regrets a year, Spree Dents
It grows big.

Thank you everyone.

I am on the way L.A.!!!

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