Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Is the individual independent group, co-dependent group ...

Takashiro also says interesting things about the group.
There are two kinds in the group.
one is
Each group is independent.
Independent individuals are gathering,
Immediate, dissolvable ...
Immediate, reassortable group.
one is
A group that is not so.
If it is co-dependent
It can also be thought.
When you do a different way of thinking it becomes exclusive ...
It seems that there is an inward oriented rule.
Takashiro answers "Characteristics are poor and productivity is low".
Everything is right, everything in my life is right, is not it?
If you judge whether it is right or wrong, I think that it is only whether or not you are independent and socially and economically self-reliant.
And Takashiro ...
"Social and economically independent" seems to be a key! ! !
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