Monday, July 3, 2017

Tokyo → Omuta → Nagoya → Tokyo give the opportunity to talk to thatperson.

 That makes people grow! It is! It is! Kanto is today, Kansai is tomorrow · · 

 It seems to be listed in the Yomiuri Shimbun!!!



July began. How did you feel this month? 

And what kind of mood do you want to have at the end of this month?   

When July, August is over ... 

It is September.

 What time should I be in these two months?



Best episode・・・



It was held in Kyushu, Omuta One night's seminar organized by Mr. Muroiba!

 It was wonderful!  

 Doctor's story ... I stabbed it! 

  Drinking water, Eating nutrition, The body is made with the air sucked. 

There are the world's best brands in each genre · · · I see!  I tought.



Ramen at Napon and Hakata · · · 

I had tea at Kokura with Ms. Wada!!!



This! this! 

  A person hired to bundle those who are employed. 

The president stands at the top. 

And a business owner making a structure.

 And investors who hire people who can make that mechanism.




I realized yesterday ... It's unexpectedly difficult to say "Do not talk about charm, tell why you noticed that charm."   

Please try it.

I will face my life.



Tsutaya at Fukuoka airport・・・

Thank you so much

I am looking for how it will.



and Nagoya with Miyaki group.

Thank you.



It was a lovely time! 
By giving the opportunity to speak The topic of "Lion Round Meeting" rose. 
It is a legendary seminar about 30 years ago from now! 
 To that person Giving an opportunity to speak. 

That makes people grow!!!



Thank you everyone



Looks fun Azabujuban!!!



Thank you



Please drink water!!!






Happy, contagious! 
Surrounded by warm colleagues ... 

It is definitely wonderful!!!



Best BMX in Japan「Minato」・・・



Yasu who is going to Betnam and Yoko from France!!!



I am looking forward to see you again



Best yesterday!!!



Thank you for sugoi girl!



I am dreaming to cartoonize "17 rules of dreams"





I got email from Ranka.

She will work with Hiroshi Itsuki?

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.