Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I arrived in Nice! 9:30pm here.

From Narita.

Going Nice via France. 


Air france,
I got off in Paris, and a sedan came to pick me up ...
Run through the airport runway and went to the lounge ♪

It was the first time (laugh) I was surprised!!!


Moved to Nice・・・

arrived a ship!




I thought it is true!!!

Ken Honda's bot・・・




@hondakenbot: to do the inside care from the outside for the head. Certainly, there are people who can spend 4000 yen a month in hairdressing salons to clean the hair outside the head, but few people take 4000 yen in their heads.

- Happy economic freedom way of living -



Thank you everyone



Thank you!



A, coaching note!!!

Life will be fun!


Coaching note・・

[Takumi Yamazaki WEB SHOP]





This hamamatsu festival is great!




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