Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What is Universal basic income?!

Yesterday it was "International Business Shinan" in Shibuya from the morning! 
Nagata's presentation is Clever!!!

The day before was "Kenzo Estate"
Drunk with Takahashi Ayumu ...
His existence is "stimulation" ...

Millennium generation

Universal Basic Income

Global Citizenship

World Passport

The keywords for the next era were overflowing.
The times are wanting to change!

and went to Nagoya ...
To "business seminar" organized by Mr. Ishibashi! 
I felt monmon air just before the explosion.

Mikazuki was the guest・・・
Thank you.
I met her son!!!

Thank you verymuch.
Especially Takahara san!
I will go Yamaguchi!!!

Congratulation on your marriage!
From Hamamatsu・・・

Yaucchi facilitator.
I am so happy!

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Now, from Osaka "Todoroki" ...
A collaboration with Keisuke Oshima!!!

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