Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Celebrate before the dream come true!

With Keisuke Oshima "Asataku"!

Celebrate beforehand ... prewar.

Influence of Hisui Kotaro · · ·
How to achieve the best dream.
I am amazed at how brain functional! 

☆ What is your best dream now?
Please say "good!" With a smile.

☆ What cherishes you to make your dream come true?
First thrilled! 
Say "good!" On error.
Baseball club, if they are not enjoying.
When the director says "Good!" They can go to Koshien.

You can succeed if you get excited. (Professor Nishida)
Because we can draw out abilities ...

"How to fulfill dreams in the world"
↓ ↓ ↓
"Fun things"
"Exciting things"! 
Dreams hate serious! 

Are you excited about your dream? 

↓ ↓ ↓ 7 exciting ↓ ↓ ↓

1) Are you excited about your dreams and goals?
Everyday, image of what has come true
The best success is when the wedding ceremony is decided
Image of blessing image
It is not a diet, but an image after that

2) I'm excited when harder it is

3) I'm excited about my daily work and practice

4) I'm excited for the fun and excitement

5) I'm excited from the morning
Serotonin is secreted when taking the morning sun until 7 am

6) I am excited about my possibilities

7) Who do you want to please now? Exciting = thanks

Prelude ...
Softbank's Son san also everyday,
He is thinking about the great success of the project
It seems that he is starting a project after he was delighted.

Cherry blossom viewing celebrations are also prestigious ...
It seems that he prevailed the rice crop of autumn.
Also the Bon Odori.

Learning cram school · · ·
Have my diploma write my passing.
And also the pose at that time.
Who will rejoice?
How to report it?
Imagination ...
What kind of words do you get from around?
I was impressed and then studying.

Be pleased first! 
Mothers who fulfill their children's dreams ...
Takeda Tetsuya's example → picture! 

☆ What did you feel?
Jump box image
Everything is here
Who would you like to be happy?

For what
For anyone = ambition
What will you do? 
Will be one! I

A dream will come true when the switch turns on as much as you can cry! 
Jump box = to encourage sick mother

Dad to Mom
I will write a letter.
Thanks letter! 

I moved and it was great!


Tea with intercontinental afternoon! 
was fun! 
Time passed like an arrow (lol)

Yesterday in the evening,
Power Tea Time! 
It was fun again!
Thank you very much.

"Act 3 of the night is over and went to "Sumiya"!
was delicious!

Ah! yesterday! 
I met Mr. Tetsuya Hisada!
40th light flyweight Japan Champ.

Congratulation, Kiryu san!

Takumi Yamazaki children!!!
Thank you!

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