Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"What did you do with your feelings" rather than "How did you do?"

Yesterday, the evening ...
In Osaka it was "the first seminar for the question and answer session".

Masuda's office in Osaka ...
It's cool and amazing!

I thought that I want such an office!
I had a dream again. lol

Naruse's speech on the previous day
It touched my heart.

"How did you do?"
"What kind of thought did you do?"
But ...

I remember those days that I was trying hard to be crazy.
I wanted to achieve, I was driving myself.
I was doing that in such way.

My friend has passed through it.
I feel excited when I touch their feelings.

On Lanai Island in Hawaii,
Mr. Kaoru invited Mr. Tomiii to the room and drank.

"I think that the speech of the person who achieved it is also wonderful ...
I recently want to heard the words of the person who is trying to challenge, " I heard the nuance.

May came, I feel like It has started.
No, it has begun.

"What kind of thought is it?"
I think this work is effective.
I think that I should do it.

1) What is the target?
2) What does it mean to achieve that goal?
3) What will happen if you achieve that goal?
4) What is waiting for the future of achievement?
5) Who do you want to be helped?
6) What kind of emotions do you get by achieving?
7) What is going on?
8) What is not going on?
9) So what should you do?
10) What is the most important thing to make it happen?

When this is written, the future moves! 

I told you yesterday, but ...
The foundation is
"Why do you live?"
and "Why do you try your best?" is solid.
I would like you to consolidate its foundation work with coaching notes.

Please fill in the book.

Coaching note→



Basara's victory!
Three consecutive achievements! 
Mr. Yamashita and Okazaki made the team♪



I doubt my eyes ...
is this! 


More surprises continue ...

I was surprised!

↓ ↓ ↓

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Travel West Akashi!!!
 Thank you everyone!

Science girls! lol

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