Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Super impact, Masuda house in Kyoto♪

I interrupted Masuda's house in Kyoto.
31 houses that are important cultural assets were exciting.
We did time travel to that era in which the sound of the piano of the salon concert is old ...

The different air is a nobleman ...
This can only be maintained by Masuda! I thought.
Appropriate people come into the world.

Street of philosophy.

Thank you everyone!

With minute schedule
Move for appointment,
Move for appointment · · ♪

Reunion and promise.

From now on
I am looking forward to it!

future meeting.

Hamamatsu yesterday. 

Shoki was with me, but he is already in Hamamatsu now. lol
Life is Chala!
I think that it is the same without merit.
Which would you choose? 
The regulators are also working hard
Ahead players are also making efforts
Different efforts are waiting for the sub people in bench.

By Kozue massage, I could be freash.

See you soon.

Hiroto Miyasako's birthday!!!


Thank you everyone!

In Hokkaido・・・

In Osaka!

Noda group・・・

Izakaya Fuji ...
It became drama!

Kuri-san (Keisuke Kuriyama) 's
 work reaches everyone's mind

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.