Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"STAR ISLAND" Future type fireworks entertainment to be held in Odaiba, Tokyo
I'm on my way to Utsunomiya by car now! It is! It is!
Kenji Kobayashi gave me an email!
Is there such a thing tomorrow? 
I was surprised! 
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We gave an e-mail with a guide on the future type fireworks entertainment 'STAR ISLAND' which will be held on May 27 (Sat) in Odaiba.
This completely new fireworks event that has never been before is a blend of 10,000 fireworks and state-of-the-art technology,
 It started with encounter with Kobashi and Marudamaya shokatsu smoke shop in a long-established fireworks shop with a history of 150 years,
We have been working with LeaR and Avex Entertainment Inc. for production.
It is held for the first time in a while after the suspension of the Tokyo Bay burning fire festival which was a summer tradition
While also listening to 10,000 fireworks in real life, I set up a tag with the pioneer katsuyuki seto of 3D sound,
Unprecedented 3D music fireworks with over 120 speakers on the beach,
Furthermore, AIBA of light magician called nominating for large festivals all over the world,
And in the eight stages floating on the sea a performer of fire, such as aerial performers at sea,
A total of more than 100 performers will transform the venue into a different space!
To the new era fireworks entertainment that has never experienced this yet in the season when I feel the sign of early summer,
I would be happy if you would like to have friends and colleagues, family members, and lovers on invitation together!
Also, at this event, we have a relaxing kids area for children as well as children,
Please come with your family! (The kids area will be free space.)
Sorry to trouble you, but thank you from the link below.
We will prepare STAR SEAT which you can experience without losing all the directing.
Official WEB site
It further sublimed the world's proud Japanese fireworks experience,
Entertainment unparalleled by any light and sound show,
I hope to experience STAR ISLAND!
LeaR Corporation
Representative Director / Creative Director
Kenji Kobashi
Such a robot ...
It is a speech by Mr. Nakatani !
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As for Japanese people 's dishonesty, how to fix it, what will happen,
I talk about contents that can be utilized for various things.

Perhaps, I think that it is a concept that can be used in business,
We will share> _ <

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