Thursday, May 11, 2017

JAL first class ... lol

JAL first class ... lol 


Shower after arrival・・・
and party♪

Doug and John Parker · · ·
I will see Doug since Sao Paulo Brazil.

Ryu family!

meeting from morning!

World Amway top people gathers.

This meeting・・・
Venice and Athene next year.

Air purifier for car · · ·
New serum albumin, vitamin B which demonstrates the effect for 8 hours・・・

New products!

Customize for you!

Thank you everyone!


In Sanin・・・

In HK・・・

In Tokyo・・・

In Hamamatsu・・・

In Tochigi・・・

beautiful ladies・・・

IN NY・・・

This is my friend for this trip↓↓↓