Thursday, May 11, 2017

From inside the plane ...

Hawaiian-born artists who are active in the base of NY
Great artist ...

Miki Cabatbat taught me about him.

10,000 hours, when you get absorbed in that
You will become a professional in that way.

He believed in it and did it.

draw to the water・・・

Fragility to disappear・・・

 Things that "people who changed the world" had done by the age of 30
Psychologists who specialize in youth psychology,
"80% of important events happen by the age of 35," he said.
Then to live a life without regret,
How should you live your twenties?
Let's start 8 lessons to learn right now.

Meg Jay
US psychologist, counselor.
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Virginia.
Development psychology, specializing in psychology of young people in their twenties.
Mother of two children. Contributed to "The New York Times" etc.
In his book "Life is determined in twenties" (published by Hayakawa Shobo).

Http:// 1851373.html

It's an airplane now heading to LA.
JaL's first class is a champagne is salon.

Transit by LA,
I will head for Vancouver.

Then the Founders Council was held,
then arrive in New York ♪

If you want to stay in New York ♪

Restaurant "Takumen"


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.