Monday, April 3, 2017

The reality surrounded by you is all made up of your thoughts!

San Paulo・・・1st day!

It's April 1!
The first day of the month · · ·

April Fool's Today!
Let's spend the day today with you a wonderful future has come true

The reality surrounded by you is all made up of your thoughts!

It is not changing the reality, but changing your beliefs.

"How can I change my mindset?"

Before that, you should know "What is your thought?" lol

Then ...
Let's spread "belief" in this work!

1) Please give me one thing you think that you are difficult!
2) What is your concern?
3) Why are you worried?
4) That is uneasy and, in order to continue to be a problem,
What kind of "belief" is needed in your heart?
5) What is it supposed to be "what thought" ?
6) Can you release permission to accept the change?
7) What kind of atmosphere, what kind of behavior, what kind of remarks do you do when you accepted it?
8) Is it permissible to give your permission when doing such a month experimentally?
9) Please think about "fairy tales" for not to forget it.
Example → If I forgot, take an okie pose · · · etc.
10) Then change this seasonal cherry blossoming season to a new beginning!


Collaboration work with friends in New York・・・

Collage Parka!!!

Write Haiku in English, she is LISA!
She is a professional・・・

I did this collaboration.
What hangs on the wall is the work that Parker bought at the solo exhibition of the other day・・・

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.