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1/100 × 1/100 × 1/100 = 1 person / 1 million people Rare value in multiplication!


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↓ ↓ ↓

■ 1 basis

"20th Century" is a "Growth Society" ~ 1997
"21st century" is a '' Mature society" - from 1998

Yamaichi Securities / Bankruptcy Bankruptcy · · · It is also the first year of Google.
Japan's GDP is flat from there

The difference is ↓ ↓ ↓

"20th century" ... the age of "everyone together"
"21st century" · · · "Age of one person, and one person"


"20th century" · · · One black phone at home · · · school bag black/red · · · wedding donation wedge wood
"21st century" · · · various mobile phones · · · various colors · · · in catalog

"Everyone together" · · · "Information processing ability" Correct solution pattern recognition with correct answer
"Each one person, and one person" · · · "Information editing ability" → I am satisfied, I can make a plan to convince others = "consent plan" revisionism

Revisionism = It continually improves, it brushes up!

"Everyone together" · · · fast brain
"Each one, and one person" ... Soft brain Education (= entrance exam) shifts to this place from 2020 Become active learning

How can we make that "soft brain"?
Example) ↓ ↓ ↓
Let's think about a tire that was not in the world!
Let's think about water that was not in the world!
Let's think about a glass that was not in the world!
I try to think about this once a day.
Not knowing, not knowing "brain thinking" but "processing brain" has become.

Breast's superiority ...
1) Instantly praise that idea that does not fold the opinions of others!
2) The first person says "stupid things"!
If others talks "seriously", everyone will be quiet so say stupid things until the second lap.
Thereby placing distance from the processing brain! If you do it with three people, this distance is important. The area of ​​the triangle decides!
To make a hard brain to soft brain = to use human plans to extend the brain
Soft brain = easy to connect

■ 2 Practice

To increase the ability to connect ...
Catchphrase (grasp) type = self presentation

Passing business cards makes the other party the processing brain

Face resembles someone = asset

The name has a lot of strokes = difficult to use = It can be used for the grab!
Can you speak with a story for about 15 seconds? = Entertainment!
Take a laugh and prove you are not an enemy! (Old brain always judges enemy)

Representation of the opponent's world view!
The secret is to draw view in your opponent's head.

Two things in common between two people! try it!
Friends common point.
Example Bad → We are both glasses
Example Good → Maniac things Elementary school was together etc.

Not just in common with plus
Kizuna appears if there are  minus common points such as this becoming thicker, sickness experience, setbacks etc.

Communication is risky
Minus mode, practice to speak with laughter

■ To make 3 earnings · · ·

I have to solve "problem of hourly wage"

↓ ↓ ↓

About 800 yen byte hourly wages of convenience stores

Program IT system work hourly wage 2000 ~ 3000 yen

Salary man / civil service person etc. hourly wage 3000 ~ 5000 yen

Gardener hourly wage 10,000 yen
= You can also land escape
Miyadaiku built a single head

Popular attorney hourly wage 30,000 yen

Senior consultant Hourly rate 80,000 yen
McKinsey Class

800 yen to 80,000 yen = 100 times difference
Why cause this difference'?
↓ ↓ ↓
Rarity value scarcity
Can you do yourself on a rare card?

"Yearly income" ➗ Please try "working hours"!

How long do you work each year?
8 hours × 5 days = 40 hours
50 laps × 40 H = 2000 hours
2400 to 300 hours at manager
1600 hours for those who are having fun
Independent (freelance) workers ...
10 hours × 300 days = 3000 hours
11 hours × 365 days = about 4000 hours

"Everyone together" → "One person, and one person each"
This is in an important era!


By dropping 10,000 hours you can be "a person on that road"

As of this time 1 person / 100 people
It should be one of 100 people

Have one more of it!  (If you drop it for 10,000 hours differently)

1/100 × 1/100 = 1 person / 10,000 people
It can be one of 10,000 people (= it is a rare card)
It can be about 10 million yen
Can be achieved in 10 to 15 years

1/100 × 1/100 × 1/100 = 1 person / 1 million people
Presence of one out of a million people = One presence in generation
Another step, I will step into a different field
The larger the area of ​​this triangle, the higher the degree of rareness

The Olympic Games exist as "1 person / 1 million people"
However, it has to beat 999 9999 people

The Nobel Prize is about 1/10 million people
Beto Takeshi, Sanma class

X × Y × Z
Bringing different things together
Example) Nail artist Aromatherapy The winner of the flag raised (= value)

Don and step forward = increase the area of ​​the triangle
This size becomes credit (= confidence)
Cash the assets of 200 million by 50 million yen
150 million will be the degree of freedom of business

Next, how to use money (Adapted to people with annual income of 8 million yen or more)
Secrets that no one tells us
↓ ↓ ↓
1) Buy processing time
If hourly wage is 3000 yen
Buy time for people with hourly wage of 3000 yen
Example) Hire a maid of 3000 yen for cleaning, I read books
Buy processing time and increase information editing power

2) to buy a job
cheap selling of myself and go getting the technology and experience
Example) Throwing out the annual income of 30 million yen, to the principal of the school (annual income of 10 million yen)
Thereby increasing the area of ​​the triangle

3) Make avatar
Make your own alter
By going to a more disadvantageous place,
A cheering team is completed!
Surroundings are fun by doing a dangerous challenge


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