Saturday, February 18, 2017

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Takumi Yamazaki Podcast 【"Laughter Takumi Group" Yamazaki Takumi and Amusing Fellows !!!】

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The third time is a request from (Mr. 44 Arare from Tokyo)
"Takumi was a comedian at the stoic land track department when you were a student? Want to become a character that can spoil the laugh in innocence and spoil the field with scenes where there are ups and downs in sports and work."
Please enjoy the message from Takumi.

【Program content】
"Takumi san! Tell me ~! Takumi Yamazaki will answer your request!
We will pick you up from the questions you've received and answer within the program.
Mr. Takumi who is lectured overseas and nationwide answers "Only you" questions.
It has become gorgeous content like Petit Seminar ♬
Yamazaki Takumi Podcast [Takumi Yamazaki and Amusing Fellows !!!] The answer to the question you requested may be broadcast within the program! Is it?
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The best way to succeed in business is

How much can I get from people?

Not always thinking that,

How much can I do to people?

It is to think.

- Dale Carnegie -

(American businessman)

From Nodacchi Mail magazine・・・

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