Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"Accumulate virtue" + "Make an effort" = "Beyond date of birth and name"

Today from morning
It was a wonderful study time! 

Yuka Nakai,
I'm really thankful to you.

It's a nice time.
It's fun to learn! 

Ah! This seems to be amazing!

Yuka Nakai is a "fortune teller" ...

Life is determined "birthly" by birth date.
Life is decided "afterwards" with your name.

There is something that can be added.

that is···

↓ ↓ ↓

"Loading virtue".

"Accumulate deeds".

To accumulate virtue = to do good
Put on deceit = do good things where people do not see. I will not say anything.

Especially there are levels.
Pick up garbage
Helping people in need
Make a donation
Save people trying to commit suicide

Virtue is point system.
When it is good, points are saved
A great point will come when doing very good.
= God are watching

People who do good things
Born into a family that does good. = Dharma

People who do bad things
Born into a family that does bad things. = Karma

When married couples with a bad family, it gets karma.
A good teaching family?
A bad teaching family line?
Familiarity is important. (It is not a property)
Virtue increases with compound interest
Evil becomes a compound interest

When the Auri class comes out
It gets better until 9 generations.

When you commit suicide
It gets worse until nine generations.

There are people who try to prevent it.
Mr. Okita Ryuichi
"Live tech"

 God idol project

God can copy it!

While accumulating virtue
Money, economy too!

The remnant of Suwa Jomon text
Tokushima Awaji - Shikoku
Okayama Akaiba
Know the sacred ground! 

A year = role servant
To be a role of God
If not useful
Make a donation! 
It comes back to a great size! 
It turns with compound interest! 

"Devil the devil" Napoleon Hill
The devil wants to "make people thinking", "I want to deprive the power to think".

There are many devil's minions.
Controlling humans by saying good things.
To distract
Attention to people of thought thinking. The character of "shrine" of a shrine maiden = person is equal
What is the opposite? → Shinkin! 

Put effort and virtue!
This commonplane has collapsed.
Efforts will not be disappointed.

Before you do whatever you want
Do not tell me pretend!

God count (jusu) = 72 periods
72 years ago, Japan was at the end of the war.
When everything has changed.
The next 72 cycles from this year!

"What is a Japanese?"
Everyone returns home!
That's it this year! 

I have a cool person ...
Same at Takahiko Shrine 30 million yen donation anonymous! 
Anonymous? It is! cool! 

People ahead of you
Have you been happy? 

Make an effort!
Do it desperately! (You are not dead !!! Always die - desperate)
Pretend you do not care!
Sweet words = devil's use
If it does not do anything! 

5% who do it! 
95% says only!

5% change people!
95% has no belly decided.
Oh, that's it.

Possible 5% comes from me! 
To change = scary
There are things to lose!
Easy not to do simple things. too easily!
Most of the successful people say "I am sad that my friend has changed."
I do not want to lose = can not change

Fear of loneliness.
Loneliness is sublime.
Bushido is the theme of solitude.
I do what I think is cool! = 5%

Rice work = high-end part time
Light work = life

Japanese = first return to origin

For example, Yamazaki Takumi is Saruhiro Takahiko's Standing Position (= Destination Guideer)
The role of meeting people who want to know and make people connect!

God will rejoice! 
I will support you.
The number also increases.
But the high level of the devil also comes up.

What you say. ×
What to do. ◉

See what that person is doing!

Streaks are different.
Streaks go through. God is watching.

God does not give his name.
Say the state.
Is it God or not?
Ask Saniwa (= healer).

Muddy = effort and virtue
That it lives.
Gold is born from the mud! 
People who do not make it is impossible in the first place! 

Aircraft of ...
I stab it at the moment! 

Can you cry with a sense of accomplishment? 
Results of doing pretend!
Many people are talking about! = 95%

High-end part time is raising sales.
How is that commitment?
The result is the result!

Even though it seems to be a good person
Winning a conversation is not a goal.
The result is the result!

Entrance is different by person.
There are 10 types!
Health, money, reputation, fellow · · ·
Listen 10, open one door!
The entrance of the opponent? 
Know that! 


Thank you everyone yesterday!!!
BRF is the best!!!

Thank you everyone!

laugh a lot・・・
talk a lot・・・

Thank you for Yarukino switch facilitator also.

Then Italian!!!

 Real tongari corn!!!

Go chan!
It was yummy wasn't it, Tomochin♪

Thank you for participating Yamazaki University.

 Please register "Taku☆JAPAN"!!!
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