Saturday, February 18, 2017

Seminar in Kawaguchi lake now...

 [Dr. Satou!!!]

Intestinal second brain
The brain is the second intestine
Intestinal flow

60 trillion cells
There are more intestinal bacteria
Symbiotic relationship
Relationship between clown anemonefish and sea anemones
Help digestion and absorption + secretion of hormones (serotonin)

It will be decided in 10 months after birth.
To be in touch with lately
Take me to the zoo and take me to the ranch
Too much cleanliness and antibiotics ... Be careful!

Water-soluble fiber (fiber)

It is not life and death of bacteria
Number is important
Nutri = 300 million pieces
What is written saying how many items are included

Bad bacillus is also important
Beautiful presence
Opportunistic bacteria and good bacteria are not fighting! lol

This is necessary, this is necessary ...
Everything, actually it is on hand.


Hattori-kun is the best!

Not transmitted
↓ ↓ ↓
Bad description
Also, my way of living was sloppy! 

You do not have to do it
I want you to meet someone who put a fire on my heart.

Those is not "to convey" but "to convey" ...

Why do not you do this?
All advice says that it can be conveyed from past failure experiences.

Only the group of your thinking size is completed.

Some parent and child
Children licking sugar
Consult with the monk · · "Come again one month later"

A month later I went to see the monk.
One look at the face saying "You had better stop sugar".
The child stops with it.

One month ago,
The monk was a sweet tooth.
I quit sugar for my child.

In a month
My physical condition got better, spiritual things improved ...
I feel real.

At that time···
"You had better quit sugar" is transmitted!

Language, things other than words are transmitted.
It is conveyed that you have experienced yourself.

What did not go wrong
I am learning.

Seminar in Kawaguchi lake now...

Meeting in Fukuoka yesterday・・・



We want to tell truth to the future~♪

Hakata was great yesterday!

Thank you everyone!!

In Australia・・・

In Philipine・・・


Exhibition now!

☆☆☆2/17 Takumi Yamazaki Exhibiton 【oneness】 
Commemorative party holding ☆ ☆ ☆

Please come! ♪

【DAY】 February 17 (Friday)

20: 00start (19: 45open)
22: 00close (21: 30 L.O.)

【FEE】 (1 drink, All-you-can-eat Brooklyn ribbon)
★ General subscription ¥1,800

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.