Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Taku ☆ JAPAN" Takumi College (pay charge site)

Takumi Yamasaki New fan site 

Have you already seen "Taku ☆ JAPAN"? 

 "Taku ☆ JAPAN" fan site is here
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A new fan site that was a new attempt. 

Among them, "Takumi University" which is a paid site is a very attractive page ♪ 

 "Takumi College" created with the desire to share valuable information gathered under Yamazaki Takumi with all the entrants by using commuting time and rest time, you can easily obtain those information! 

 In the case of <What can be learned at Takumi University> 

★ We will deliver valuable messages from Takumi Yamazaki, including videos taken in the past, with movies. 

★ Utilizing the personal connections of Yamazaki Takumi, we will deliver talks with collaborators and collaboration seminars by voice. 

★ You can see the artworks drawn by Yamazaki Takumi.   

  Currently, the titles of the movies and sounds that are being uploaded, you can see.   

■ Movie (already up) · Congratulations on your entrance into Takumi University! 

 ·Merry Christmas! Let's draw the vision again! 

· 2017! Let's change the recipe of life! · Image force · Facts and meanings · Current self, future myself Subconscious · 

How good luck will come? · Have a goal · Active passive · Learning grows · The era is changing from vertical to horizontal society · The disadvantages and advantages are the same · How to take a rest   

■ Audio (already up) · Takumi Yamazaki & Sayaka Sawato Collaboration Seminar @ Sanctuary Publishing (1) - (3) · Takumi Yamazaki & Tetsuo Hatta Collaboration Seminar @ Morning Tak (1) (2) · Takumi Yamazaki & Kaneko interview · Do it from important things Future brain · Achievement How to hold a brain · Male brain female brain · 

Journey 1     Just looking at the title, is not interested in somehow? 

All such videos and sounds are unlimited!

And I will also show you the title that will be updated in the future as well ~ ♪     

■ Movie (scheduled to be updated at 2/10) · Rinse the inside of yourself   

■ Audio (scheduled to be updated at 2/10) · Journey 2   

■ Voice (to be updated sequentially) · Sorry for bad communication · Synchronicity · Let's eat well · Takumi Yamazaki & Tomomi Hasegawa Collaboration Seminar @ Morning Taku · Takumi Yamazaki & Aya Ishiguro Collaboration Seminar @ Morning Taku · Takumi Yamazaki, appearing on Aki's podcast! · Takumi Yamasaki & Akine Kiyohara interview · Takumi Yamazaki & Yumiko Ishiguro interview · Yamazaki Takumi & Takimoto Yohei "Why did Jobs wear only black turtleneck?" · Takumi Yamazaki & Kiyo Skype talks



Even if you can not go to the seminar, If you enter Takumi University you will hear it by voice! 

I can only listen to talks with people of various genres here. 

I think that it is a site that can really deliver very luxurious contents (^ ^) 

 In the future, such as "Yamazaki Takumi's favorite shop information" 

We are planning to add a tour guide-like new corner ♪       

 Also we will continue to offer announcements, benefits, e-mail magazines and collectibles for those who entered Takumi College one after another!     

From now on, "Takumi University" will enrich the contents deeply, so please register!



Enter here for university.

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.