Thursday, February 9, 2017

I want to collect only serious people and do seminars to tell the truthindeed!

 Collecting only serious people, I would like to do a seminar to tell the truth!   

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 "Before becoming a leader, Success is to grow myself. Since becoming a leader, success means growing others. " (Jack Welch)     

From Nodacchi Mail magazine ...   I see. I see. To grow yourself. 

To grow others. 






I'm on a health seminar now, but ...   Yagi-kun, it's amazing!  
I understood that the intestinal environment is important.

 Bifid bacteria is important!  Take it properly! 
 Protein, but importantOverwhelmingly "oil" is important ~ ♪

 Oleic acid, linoleic acid, α-linolenic acid ...  
 Buy oil that contains 70% or more oleic acid! 
Drain the oil with oil! 

Those in a transparent container.   
Take excessive attention to linoleic acid! 
Inflammatory response occurs? 

Α linolenic acid is deficient. 
Suppress inflammation. 
Linoleic acid: linolenic acid Hopefully it is 4: 1! 
Esante 4: 1 = contains more than 70% oleic acid and 4: 1!   

DHA = 1 g Tuna's peaks for 17 people? 
Who can eat? 

8 protein eggs Steak 580 g?
To be taken? 
Can you eat it? It is!



 Annie, that was great! 

☆ Hairstyle has fashion!

18 MEA Oil protecting your hair →
 Perm, almost disappears when you color →
 It is important to plus! hair →
 I will not return what I damaged! 
 Home care is important! 

 Beauty salon treatments only keep it for 30 days Hairdresser can not care only once a month So, home care is important! 

Hair, hurt, you will not heal from yourself gray It makes it easy to deliver Site Max People who have scalp attached to it, green Heat damage, women are many! 

Iron and dryer = raw eggs → fried eggs! 
Protein degeneration occurs! 

Treatment, I can attach it from the stick catchy with my hand! 
Overnight Treatment → It repairs the split ends firmly!

Defense mist → A person with poor color retention! 
Ultraviolet rays well ◎ 

 Just wash with hot water 70% get dirty! 
So, if it is chlorine water, it will catch on! 48 yen a day! 

When you turn on the bathroom water purifier, 
Chlorine damage is suppressed Add it to a bathroom at home (^ O ^) 
 When shampooing I can not stand nails! 
With the shape of the finger you do not want to touch the face! 

Dryer hits the wind from above! Bangs roll! 

Looks like a rough face! It is! Instead of wax, Use overnight treatment! 
→ Always use the bath as it rises! It is! It is! 
→ After this a hair dryer After almost dry, mist! When it hangs on the ear, 
it becomes a styling with depth!


(Thank you Tomochin!)






Thank you everyone!










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