Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I found a book which I was reading in the past.(18:17pm in Hawaii)

I arrived at Hawaii.
Haven't been here for a year.

and went to Yucchan ramen.
block men.
This is yummy.

Prukogi and white rice is yummy too.

I bought new wallet in Alamoan shopping center.
I wanna make this one next.

I like a big wallet.
ticket, receipt, business card, members card and another cards・・・

Thirty years ago, I found a book I had read at the airport and bought it.
"This is how to eat sushi"
"Doing this is to order soba."
"This is how a man becomes a man" ...
In the high school era, receiving the electric shock of the reverse cessation of the brain,
Books that I read while being numb and bizarre
I am reading on the beach of Waikiki now.

Me who is the era see me how, I am wonder・・・

I found in Kintaro Mayu・・・