Saturday, November 26, 2016

What is "a goal on time for you" this month?

What is "a goal in time for you" this month?

"You can not hurry.

What is important

It is to start to make it on time. "

(Fontaine poet)

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Not like 'not possible'
"It will not make it on time."

Great reason for why not make it on time ...
"I still think that I will make it on time."

Not like walking is slow,
Ability is low ...
It is too late to start.  Taku

What is "a goal on time for you in this month"?!

Basketball Conference!!!
I appealed for girls' participation as before lol

 Thank you everyone. lol

Laugh time. lol

at night···
Temporarily in Japan from Vancouver
Talk live with Kuno · · · ♪

From now on, it's very important ~ ♪
First, let's look at Japan from the outside ~

For everyone who came,
Thank you very much.

I bought this in Tsutaya.

"Takumen" Thank you!

Takumen @ NY's homepage ...

Takumen Apartment "Five fifty fifty private charter room"

Thank you everyone~♪

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