Saturday, October 29, 2016

Today's study "Era of the team than one. How everyone join forces?! Festival mind is important!"

 Event in Okayama yesterday!!!

and lunch meeting in Nobusada house!!

Thank you.

and Okayama dinner!!!

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backed from Okayama in this morning・・・
ea with Okada in Yuniwa@Shirogane!

great time・・・

Now ... you're God.
So your life is a myth.

... When the opening Iwato now
Do what you can do for each! ! !
"Era of the team than one. How everyone join forces?! Festival mind is important!"
From corps leader with charisma, led by
Change to the community.

How everyone join forces? !
Festival mind is important!
Excitement role ≠ leadership
Japanese is good unity.
However, good at unity is only when we are the pinch.
From now on unity without pinch! ! !

Accumulate virtues! ! !
There is no revenue up even though there is no virtue.
Also innate virtue is also consumed in the three years.

Short-lived, long-lived.

Using the virtue
You get to learn
Pass the university
Successful work
Make personal connections

Accumulate virtues
To entertain people
Give learn
Give in the wings
Foster the people

Use the virtue as a "get"
Accumulate virtues as "give"

Relationship has changed! ! !
Left and right from the top and bottom
Side-by-side from the top and bottom

Era not transmitted If you did not think well
Human nature, personality, personality, the air a sense of importance
Not transmitted in a position

The difference of trust and confidence
Credit past stacking
Trust the future (moment of momentum, feel the future premonition)
Example) but for now he can be trusted, it can not be trusted

Until now credit of age.
The trust of the era now.
Force to liven up myself.
It oozes premonition to myself.
Festival! ! ! Ability at that time, open up!

Advantages and disadvantages.
In fact, the same.
Negative = prudent person
Cons With the talent in their own
Advantages With the talent in others
Age to take advantage of the advantages now! ! !
So "for you" that you think the others.

Idemitsu = familism community family team

Sales, the performance than...
Era of team color is important.

From the pyramid-type organization
... To the sphere-type organization
Sometimes the leader changes!

Oda kun, thank you.


Noon with Chaco,
Yakiniku lunch! ! !

Thank you.

And went to Yumi's exhibition.


50 years lived in paris~♪


met with Nobu!



Please make!!!

This cheese cake・・・

Thank you everyone!

Thank you!
Ping pong team~♪


Tatsuo Hayashi!!!

Yuka Fukii!!!

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