Wednesday, September 7, 2016

With the wave which infected the laugh.

Yesterday was・・・
beach party at Mie, Shima!
Thank you.

Beach Party in Shima, Mie yesterday.
Rain has been worried, but it was held up somehow to the end. 

It was amazing Kaku-san, it was cheers for good work.

Mr. Azumi, Hosomi, Mr. Kaku's ...
And it was a great chance to watch the rest of the world people in the vicinity, the number of surprised locals.

Didn't want to end  summer still. It was likely to hear.

I go to Matsusaka from now.
Preparing the necessary documents of the liquor license for Hawaiian shop, it is moving to Tokyo.

Today, "Business meditation"
It is the day for you to learn from Hiramoto.

Today is the new year ... starting from September
Preparation. There are many people that are late, but now is perfect timing to the A60.
Heck, time is only now. Please struggle. lol

Against your wave, everything is ready.
Rather than work hard in the wave, match the wave you want to.

Focus on your want for the place in the future.
The problem is not a problem,
It is problem that is not found that you want to be.

Than to monitor the thinking,
Do not miss the emotion.

Rather than keep up to date on what is happening,
Preemption of emotion to the thing you want happening.
Let's practice (laughs)

Mood well, live.
Happily live.
Live laughing.
Chuckle is infectious, in the wave.

Kanda-kun in the morning and tea ~ ♪


Thank you everyone!!!


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.