Thursday, September 8, 2016

「Business meditation」= Experience the reverse, into the meditation with pretend return.

「Business meditation」yesterday・・・

Mr. Hiramoto, Thank you.
Intellectual curiosity is satisfied.
After all, It was a good time of the feeling! ! !
I'm really thankful to you.

"Business meditation"

What is your hapiness? !

Educational background
The weather···

People not a happy is not happy
Happy people is happy

The point is not to have to be happy with the conditions.
Well, then what?
Hiramoto's entrance psychology says ...

Capacity development and the meditation
Unhappy and meditation gives me a different perspective 
Adler psychology 30 years
Strongly attracted mental
It rises up self-image self-esteem

3 days, I was carried out
I couldn't understand Meditation well
Experience in one shot today

"Do if bad" = I do not like
Is meditation = feels So continue
Every day, I feel to go to Hawaii

You can start from 10 seconds!
In anytime and anywhere

Now here, a state that is not aware of what is happening in own inside and outside
Best performance ... meditative state

Negative rather than not aware,
That is even more bad.

"Please relax" (= conditions)
Can not quite
Do true opposite

Opposite of meditation is concentration
Heading to Tokyo Station (= concentration)
Tokyo Station is coming from all directions (= meditation)

Opposite of idle thoughts is five senses
Do the opposite! Then Back pretend!
Experience the true reverse, into the meditation with its pretend return.

1)continue the monotonous exercise then enters a meditative mood
1 minute shake the breath body through the nose.
When stopped, beath.
You will into the meditative mode.

2) feelings divergence and meditation
With a lid on emotion, buzz does not stop even if I feel the peace
Meditation is not negative or positive world
Safe feeling = laugh
Also a lie laugh, metabolism will get better
Laugh for 30 seconds
Discharge of karaoke feelings. It shines the city.
Non-language-speaking that meaning unknown

3) breath-activated and meditation
Feelings and breathing is closely related
It is possible to change the feelings and change the breathing
Half nose breathing right, left, left, right ...

4) five senses image and meditation
After the video of the appreciation, it can put the meditation experience aside
Future, past the excitement
Draw the dream vividly

Shake 1min in the morning・・・
sat for 15 mins.
and writing this now.

World Level 1 that can be objectively
World Level 2, which appears to bird's-eye view
Level 3 Oneness host and guest coalescence
Level 4 is the world empty selflessness host and guest loss Heart Sutra

Feeling coming if I am settled from all directions.
It was fun ~

Okinawa restaurant「Tarch」・・・

and HIramoto san's discussion・・・deep!

Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・


dosen't make you satisfy.

Because was happy

Successful you are. "

(Alan French philosopher)

To you who is filled.
Filled reality is coming.

To you who does get filled.
Reality is coming that has not been fulfill.

Only it is settled.


Toryumon2Vol.1「Keizaino honshitsuwo minitsukeyo!」PR


YOu can get from this!
 Thank you everyone!!!

Thank you!


Sense girl!!!

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