Sunday, August 28, 2016

I ate lunch first time.

"Books to clean Fight Chemicals" ...
I want to read!
I want to read!


... Awoke in the morning of half past four
I am heading to the PC.

Jet lag? !

And today, members of the "Takumen" staff
Opening party! ! !

After all today,
For the first time ... eating lunch! ! ! lol

Takumen @ New York
5-50 50th Avenue, # 2 Long Island City, New York 1

... Than Koichi Honda's email magazine.

I can not confess
Not Dive to like
That is unacceptable
Not because you are afraid

It failed because not accept myself.
Failed, because do not like it myself

Once you fall in love with all myself
Also confess
Also jumping into what you like
Become much more lightly go 

The first step you'll love any yourself
Anyway praise thing.
"Frequently I wonder I have been doing."
And, even in their own any situation

Quit to the dissed myself which did not I wanted to
have a praise habit anytime.


Auto taxi finally started! Uber got 100 cars.


Thank you!

In Yamanashi!!!
Thank you!

Thank you in Hokkaido!

We received a notice from the On the Road Tokyo office! ! !


Always received your support on-the-load, thank you!

Today, and on-the-project load has started a new "Cafe & Bar Ethical (ethical)" open, is the announcement of the interesting events of ethical ♪

<Information ①>
July 1, 2016, was the grand opening perform the repair work over three months
"Cafe & Bar Ethical (ethical)".

Is one part of the shop of profit, On the Road is operated by India, Varanasi,
Devoted as operating costs of free school "mother Baby School" for children who do not attend the school,
Delicious fun time is a new type of restaurant that becomes a social contribution.


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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.