Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Even not famous, there are fans, ..." cherish your fans!

Lunch with Suyama san!
and moved to Nakatsu~♪
seminar in Nakatsu


I will be in Tabimatsuri!!!
Please come♪

looks so hot.
I will be in 12pm!!!


coffee in Roppongi tsutaya・・・
mochimami's life planning!!!

meet lunch!lol
john kim children, excited about her future!

moved to Hakata・・・Ramen with nappon!!!

and assistant!!!

Kumi was joining!
and she goes to Gunkan island!!!

Thank you Naonao.

and laugh so much ! lol

enjoyed after♪

fun after!!!

Thank you everyone!
Please support by your power!!!

Rie goes to Ogura today!!!
Take care of her.

Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・


How do I know "the great people in the future without anything ! ? "


In general manager of the original Takarazuka, current producer and consulting

It was a variety talk and get acquainted.

At that moment

Takarazuka even now, a group of Hankyu Corporation

Founder Kazumi Kobayashi mechanism that Mr. has created now

I heard that.

The biggest crisis ever was

It was the time of Korean boom

by the time

Return to the origin

changed the mainly screenplay

When I heard the story, which was returned to customers

It was numbness.

What do you specialize for?

It is important to think about this again.


In Takarazuka, a person to become a top star

When asked what if there is difference

Different clearly

I have to.

Whether the air feeling?

Or technology for?

Or incredibly beautiful woman?

What's the difference?

From she is still anonymous

Fan, yes it is.

Such person is

really cherish the fans

1 person, incremented with one

a large number of people cheer

And, people who can handle a lot of ticket

The kind of person will become a top star.

"I can take care of one in front of the eyes."

This is very important.

Even club mom of Ginza NO1

I was told that something similar.

Top hostess

"Without anything in even now, might become in the future."

It is not the connoisseur

The person in front of, even what kind of person, communicate evenly.

really reflect on

Including employee

I need not to forget that kind of perspective


Wow!Junya's event!!!

Thank you everyone!


I am in behind of Shibuya now・・・about Utagawa area.
Okushibu has big change since before.

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Takumi Yamazaki Book, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.