Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"The quality of life is quality of emotion."

We attended to Ikeda Takamasa's "21 days e-mail" live seminar.

I received e-mail!

"The quality of life is quality of emotion."
It was confronted at the beginning and the ka-boom!

ON/OFF emotions is the ability to take action ON/OFF!
There are no people who is no action! Emotions it's just OFF.

To get short-term ON emotions, concentration of consciousness, word choice, the use of the body will change.

30 seconds work of Anthony Robbins
1, please look for things some red around you!
2, and Shut your eyes!
     Is there green things?
3, open your eyes, please look for the green stuff!
4, close your eyes!
     Or brown ones?

Disagreeable! Do not know how many not aware of! Not looking!

Not aware of only things that you focus! It can not be! Not visible!
I was surprised!
Or what focus
What to focus
What is necessary to make the time to listen your voice!
I think you will be shock after doing this work to a friend!

To the medium long term to ON emotions, evolution, growth, contribution

Useful for people, it is pleasing to people.
It is to listen inner voice.

Anthony Robbins true value
"Now I am the Voice," I am in the heart voice

Voice of my head that comes from common sense and past.
Rather listen to your voice. According to your voice.

Japanese education is to think in your head!
To hear the voice of my heart, I thought that there is a need to know about.
Honest feelings, such as feeling comes springs.
To face with yourself.

 Yumi is going to stay in Paris・・・♪
Atmosphere changes when she talks.

Attractive people attract people!!!

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