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I came back~♪

I came back~♪
I can use my PC with no trouble.


The concept for the "money" you need to know in order to become rich

[What people want to get the money]
1. safety and security
Do not bother to everyday life. In addition, "any chance" and room for at the time, also for the sake of old age if there is enough stored. If there is an owner-occupied, it is further peace of mind.
2. comfortable life
There is a wide enough house and private cars. If there is anxiety in the health, it can take to the doctor without hesitation. If necessary, housework and cleaning, we can ask to take care of children to professional.
3. Enjoy the luxury
That enjoy a meal in the overseas travel and restaurants. To go out to sports and concerts. To enjoy the fashionable clothes and accessories.
4. comfortable movement
It can be used without hesitation the train or airplane. Sometimes, it can also move in the car voyage and chauffeur-driven in the first class cabin.
5. Status
It is acquainted with celebrities and important figures. Be subject to special treatment, such as invitation of members only.
6. influence, power
That their opinions and hope is important. To be able to support the activities and organizations that fit the values.
7. freedom
That determined the life in your own intention. It may not swayed by power (employers, supervisors and creditor clients ...). Deadline and it will not be pressed against the appointment.
Margin of 8. Time
I want to go to, where to go and when you want, to meet people who want to meet when you want to meet. It can be like when you like.
9. Popular and reputation
It is praised from the people. Is evaluated, that is to rely on.
10. social activities that I believe that good, to be able to support the charity.
(From "Introduction")

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