Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Unplug the ... little power without seeing clearly, and look at the world, I feel good pat. lol

Who is Elon Musk? !


It is super busy

White to work with talent

Whether the focus on goods and services

Do not follow the trend

Bear risk

"Able to work week 100 hours if you want to succeed." Five of Quotations to modern best entrepreneur, Elon Musk told the young people


Thank you so much yesterday.

In backyard・・・

Thank you.

Nuka hime from Yamanashi・・・
and Yasu from Hokkaido・・・

Happy, Rika and Fumi kun・・・

reunion is so good!
I am looking forward

Last night, some of which I learned while eating grilled meat
Who opened the door of the heart. lol

Yohei, I thank you.
Taishi, I thank you.

Artificial intelligence···
Unfortunately it can be defined, but ...
Happiness can not be defined.
Unfortunately is common, but ...
Happiness is not common.

Gravity and consciousness.
How to recognize? !

... Without seeing clearly
A little disconnect the power of, and look at the world,
feel good. lol

BBQ ・・・

Thank you everyone!

arriving in Osaka soon!

Sapporo again yesterday!!!

Thank you everyone!
Mail magazine from Nodacchi・・・


Recent news

"India, will be considered here accelerated to 7.7 percent growth!?"

Slowed in China is 6.2%

India seems to be as high as 7.7 percent to reverse growth.

Asean has become low.

Having said that, the still high 4.3 percent in Asean5 countries.

Currently, early evolution of too Technology

Future is said to be difficult to forecast,

Certainly in the evidence

In SNS, facebook, which has said that what made the business, was just founded in 2004

Stood up to about three years ago 2012, LINE is

Now, 215 million people in the world

In Japan, 68 million people, of Japan's population 53.6%

and phenomenal growth and the number of users.

There is a famous sentence.

To wrote the journalist Ken Oretta "Google widely" (Bunshun paperback published),

In 1998, Bill Gates, head of Microsoft's best condition to ship the "Windows 98"
Oretta is the episode at the time of the interview.

When asked the "most afraid challenger?", Gates is sipping a diet cola, was quietly ruminating the question.
It was out with the Gates of mouth broke the silence,

Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, was not the name of a number of rivals such as Apple.

"Scary is, somewhere in the garage, but those guys that has created something completely new," that was answered.

And just at this time, two young men of Larry Page and Sergey Brin in a Silicon Valley garage

We had established the Google Corporation. (From Google widely)

Even companies to surpass this way the world

Era, such as appear in every five years

I can not predict what will happen in the future.

However, at any time of the era

And "immediate support can organize to change"

"I want to enter an excellent human tissue"

The two organizations

is conditions to continue to the continuation.

Among the foregoing the present

Google has found that the human resources to recruit is wearing the human resources that you want to recruit the Microsoft

Bill Gates might Google is the enemy, and notice.

Its expected to hit the mark, now GOOGLE is, it became the world's largest IT companies.

Well we will misunderstand.

"Nation that is mature, or growth difficult? Or easy to grow?" To the question of

Most people will not answer the difficult growth.

Because, actually is because Japan has not been able to grow easily.


Is different aspect Turning to the world.

Japan's economic growth rate in 2015 is 0.6%

It is certainly a low elongation.


Other developed countries?

America 2.6%

United Kingdom 2.5%

When, exactly, more than 2% has been stretched.

The past five years of the IMF, it seems only Japan is low, even in developed countries look at the forecast future.

Currently, the unemployment rate 22.2 percent, and limited to less than 25 years of age, the unemployment rate 48.8 percent of the country

Even Spain, the growth rate is 3.07% So (2013 from 2011, but minus)

Future can not be read.

However, after 10 years without unpredictable

Predicted a month away, it quickly corresponding organizational strength is looks good person who had been wearing.

for that purpose,

We continue to look at the Japan only, and Japan only have information collection

Delay is quite change correspondence of information collection

More than anything, change and growth is, because it is a minority, I think that feeling is coming shift.

When it rain every day, also be a feeling of rain tomorrow, but a lot to prepare for rain

If it is sunny every day, I think that also be a sense of sunny, to prepare for the sunny tomorrow.


Also in order to "adapt to change"

I think that it is better to not mention abroad.

Growth rate of the country in which Noda has been made in this six months

Even so much neighboring countries, we higher than Japan.

Japan 0.6%

Australia 2.4%

New Zealand 2.2%

Taiwan 2.2%

Singapore 2.2%

Thailand 2.5%

Arab 3.0%

Jordan 2.9%

South Korea 2.7%

Japan, the average economic growth rate from 1991 to 2013, 0.9%


A little looking out, what to do in order to extend the?

I think better to inject a mood.

And, "the future we want to this."

If it is impossible to indicate the future of

People do not come together.

We can not grow and does not come together.

So, the more busy people

Growing country and (when viewed from Japan, but most do)

The is better to contact.

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