Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Takumi Yamazaki×Tomomi Hasegawa@Kyoto

【super special collaboration seminar!!】

Yamazaki Tsubusemi × Tomomi Hasegawa

Super popular instructors gathered in Kyoto! ! !
I will talk on the theme of self-reliance of motivation and women!

On the day, there is also talk live and autograph session ♪

Yamazaki Tsubusemi Mr.
"Motivation of the switch practice seminar"

Ms. Tomomi Hasegawa
"Habit surgery that out myself and every day shine
- You will be River, life is changed! ~ "

June 10 (Friday)
Open: 18 pm 30 minutes
Start: 19 pm
Location: Kyoto, Education and Culture Center
Ticket price: 3500 yen

Who apply for up to * May 20

Advance Purchase: usually 3500 yen → 2500 yen
Group assignment: 5 people 12500 yen → 10000 yen
(1 person 2000 yen)

Application destination: saori-mng@moritaryoji.com
Until Hasegawa

* I will reply to those who had you apply.
* Cancellation after the application is not accepted.
please note that.

Guest profile

★ Tomomi Hasegawa ★
Beauty LIFE creator / Holistic Beauty house
Ltd. Lumiere representative

1981 October 4, was born
Through entrepreneurship and of the six stores of total beauty salon in the 8-year-run in the 22-year-old, the current center Aoyama Tokyo, has a client across the country and abroad, carry out the seminars and lectures.
Proposal of health and lifestyle of mind and body, leading the mind of the way to live beautiful happiness.
Institute feminine Leaders representative director.

Also online shop LUMIERE SELECTION in which the organic life style and theme, SHOP management of at Omotesando.
He has worked besides many events and products produced Consultancy · PR · also writing.
"Life do all that you want to do," the other, book the five books published in one and a half years.
While going back and forth a variety of overseas in private, it is sending a free and creative lifestyle.

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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.


Able to download if you click this site.