Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Think Buddhist, now our happiness theory Kindle version

I think Buddhist, the future of our happiness theory

Sanctuary Publishing Talk BOOK!

Kindle Edition

Yamazaki Tsubusemi (Author), Makino SoHisashi (Author)

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Why do not we think of "new happiness of shape"?

"Society is to propose happiness" and "individuals seek happiness" does not match.

"Company proposes happiness" and "happiness you ask" does not match.

"Parent proposes happiness" and "children seek happiness" does not match.

Although people of desire has changed mechanism is still, it remains old.

Heart Some people are screaming.

At that time, we were able to propose a "new happiness of shape" ...

I have met with Makino-kun,

I cast a lot of questions.

It's said in Buddhist ...

It is a Tibetan esoteric Buddhism ...

The answer comes back from him, a lot of hints.

By reading, mind is easier, feeling lighter,

I think that if you spent the wonder and fun time.

This e-book has been carried out at Sanctuary published the first floor to the June 5, 2015

Yamazaki Tsubusemi-san and Makino SoHisashi's talk event

"Joie de vivre, secret of life," the thing that has been re-configured for the e-book.

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