Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Irimo Mr. Yoshiko Hatayama collaboration with me!

Irimo Mr. Yoshiko Hatayama collaboration with me!

Hokkaido from now!

Mr. Irimo
Yoshiko Hatayama
and me collaboration!

Thank you very much in advance.
It is fun!
Night "Sushi" lol

from morning
Thank you very much.

"TK Bali Tour 2016"
What you, but ...

● schedule 7/21 (Thursday) to 26 (Tue)
● air Narita, Kansai International Airport departure
● Hotel Inter Continental Bali Resort
● cost 207.000 yen (breakfast, including party)
● Application Co., Ltd. Central Tours Fuwa
       TEL: 078-392-2008 FAX: 078-391-0643

■ Kuta, Legian, if per Seminyak ...,

Bar night, the best of "coup"!

Italian called "Toratteria". There is also in Jimbaran. delicious.

Nice bar and restaurant "Potato Head".

■ ··· Things to do in Ubud

Lunch at "Amandari", tea, setting sun, is a good bar ...!

Lunch in the "Four Seasons", tea, is the sunset good!

After staying at "Linda Garland Estate", it is a mania. (Lol)

If ■ Nusa Dua

"Amanusa" lunch, tea, is a good bar ....

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