Sunday, April 10, 2016

Only leader can find leader.

Azabu office of today was why so hot! ! !
I wonder if Tracy heat made so? !

Leader is looking for a leader.
If you are not a leader, leader can not find.
So you need to become a leader.

It takes time to people.
It is waste of time when I played evenly.

What I learned from Tracy? ! Listen to fc of Shenzhen What if ...
She did not tell me the thing of the work.
However, how to eat rice, your relationship, talk ... like with people,
Now How do I leader, and learned happens to those who gather the people.

Ryoma sang♪

Fukushi kun came too・・・
Let's go to dinner~!

Cake was great~
Thank you!

I got this!!!
Thank you!

Ah! Evening with Nami princess!
Once again
Melbourne, thank you.
It is fun!

"Access code to the success of Yamazaki Tsubusemi" textbook with seminar
April 19 (Tuesday), best-selling author, is Yamazaki Tsubusemi's again RaiTsuyoshi!
The new book "access code to success" to the theme, and a seminar in Melbourne City near the venue.
What this time gift to the seminar all the participants the new book as a textbook! ! !
On the day of the textbook "Opening the life beyond the access code over the wall to success", for us to talk about whether it is possible to go beyond the various wall confronting if I get life.
New things start, make a goal, want to get the knowledge, as I said that whenever such ,,, want to fulfill a dream, in front of the eyes are face to the "wall".
In life, everyone is a variety of hit "the wall".
Seminars that can get the access code to continue to release such a "wall".
Money, health, friends, environment, language, ability, age, impatience. . .
The key to release the worries (wall) to face now will help you find in this seminar!

Sydney! ! ! ** Seminar details **
"Access code to the success of Yamazaki Tsubusemi"
Seminar Date: 2016 April 22 (Friday)
Time: PM 18:30 to 20:30 (2 hours)
Location: 267 Castlereagh St, Sydney CBD
Participation fee: $ 40

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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.