Sunday, April 10, 2016

I won't wait until happiness comes.


Thank you for your time!lol

"TK Bali Tour 2016"

~ Do not you go? (Lol)

● schedule 7/21 (Thursday) to 26 (Tue)
● air Narita, Kansai International Airport departure
● Hotel Inter Continental Bali Resort
● cost 207.000 yen (breakfast, including party, another fuel)
● Application Co., Ltd. Central Tours Fuwa      
       TEL:078-392-2008 FAX:078-391-0643

A!Tracy group moved to Korea!!!

Shima chan and Mizue san in Australia!!
Thank you!

"I won't wait until happiness comes.

It can not be anything accomplished when I was such a thing.

We should know that anyway first undertake. "

(Pearl · S · back Nobel Prize-winning author)

... from Nodacchi mail magazine

First start!
First start!
First start!

From over the engine in a car
Do ~ Taku there was that it was told think where to go
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Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.