Sunday, April 17, 2016

Isamu Noguchi gRden gallery and my father's grave・・・

Takamatsu monz started.

〒760-0073 1-18−8 Kuribayashi cho, Takamatsu shi, Kagawaken
Tel :
+81 87-831-6779
Time · 9:00~16:00

great high・・・

I heard more they wanted hear!

One day in Osaka next time?!

In Maimai tei・・・
Noguchi Isamau, Seishiro Kino etc, many people loved here.
address:〒760-005818−5 Higashidacho, Takamatsushi, Kagawaken
phone :
+81 87-833-3360

    Yamame sweat fish・・・
    is so  ice!

    after and after.... lol

    and ...
    Morning starts with Takamatsu udon.

    I have my original eating way.

    Isamu Noguchi garden  museum・・・
    phone:  +81 87-870-1500

    My father passed away 10 years ago.
    I always asked why our family grave is so small, and my father told me to make it.

    I asked Izumi to make it.
    This was miracle through my friend.

    I was so excited.
    Co worker with Noguchi Isamu made it.
    Akira grave(イサムノグチさんのお兄さん/写真家)~」と親方が呟いた言葉を思い出す。

    Also I asked to write our family name to「Hosokawa late prime minister 」
    Asked Satoko san, his daughter and realized it.

    This was special coraboration.
    This makes me to go there・・・



    went to Waraya after museum・・・

    I ate too much~♪
    and going to Nagoya now!!!

    This picture・・・
    something was there!!!

    I moved in!




    Are you ready?!




    This is miracle. lol

    Thank you!

    Thank you everyone!

    Azabu juban office is nice too!!!

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