Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I learned about「economy」!

I had tea in Hamamatsu and backed to Tokyo and coffee with my friend.

see each other sometimes and share informations
Sharing intelligence is the greatest study.

At the night, to learn about the "economy" in Shibuya.
It was numbness to Kinoshita-kun talk.
Satisfy the intellectual curiosity, stimulating experience.

The venue hot air stuffy.
Brain is boiling state ...

Go to Australia from tonight.
Everyone, and once again thank you.

Sydney, Melbourne seminar information・・・

Shuichi Morita
Friends I made the route! Look I was Once thank you m (_ _) m
[Ultra-diffusion hope] we made accepted route of supplies. I will start from now! ! Take Bomber and the store is not in the center.
It does not overwhelmingly enough. .
By all means, please help people outside the prefecture!
◯ bring possible person → Kumamoto "bird Bomber does not the store," Yubinbango862-0947 Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture, Higashi-ku, Eze-cho Oaza Shigetomi 441-2
Normally you come by car. After, there lending track please contact us.
◯ send it us who → Fukuoka Kurume Miihatazaki 3-6-1 Kyushu Airlines Co., Ltd. addressed to Izumi 0942-44-3688
※ in shelters, if there is what you need, please tell in charge 090-7380-7153 (tri-up Bomber Miyama). ※ please contact us even if you do not know what should be sent.
Not still really gather still more.

Water / food / blankets (easy ones and long-lasting and easy to those distribution) carrying cans (I need your help by a regular gasoline-filled if possible)
In particular ... diapers / milk powder / sanitary napkins / adult diapers / Blue sheet / wet tissue is dangerous.
Everyone! Thank you very much. Thank you!



Dragons so good!

Thank you everyone!

Thank you!

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