Saturday, March 12, 2016

Talk with future you・・・


Talk with future you・・・





Thank you!

Thank you!

I got this email!

Heard free voice of ties publication's
Since I read the "great meeting"
In its momentum
The "" textbooks alone meeting. ' "

I thought it was amazing this.
Including me, self-dialogue
Not be human
But I hear many
This book, become Mecha text.

It "had better honed intuition"
Although it is said to several people
Although brushing did not know

By trial and error
So you can hone.

Since careful faction,
It was violently convinced.

After, of alone conference Deluxe
Scoring is dangerous to fulfill the dream.

"How can the 100 points you do?"
Image until the association
The dig down, it is important.

In fact, it was released at the time
It did not Mukiae with their
I did not think also trying to confront
Basic, to read to the end
I could not read.

By yourself, recently
To mono
Against people
Against your
Not only the flimsy surface
Properly deeply we can face as
Because I feel that has become to have been

I might read
Read you but
What timing Read
What some of Kamo
Again I thought this time.

−Flowers room lobelia−
Kyoko Shiibuchi

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