Saturday, March 12, 2016

And Make your own workd. Osamu Tezuka

Mr. Tadahiro, sixtieth birthday, congratulations!
March 10, 2016 Reuters News
North Korea, Reutersnews = Yonhap towards the east coast a short-range missile 2 shots
[10 Reuters Seoul - Yonhap News, North Korea early in the morning on the 10th, fired towards a short-range ballistic missile 2 shots on the east coast, was reported. Flying distance is estimated to be about 500 km away.

... Than Roh Dutch e-mail magazine

"you guys,

Shalt quit to study comics from cartoon.

Watch  first-class movie,

Listen to first-class music,

Look at the first-class play,

Read the first class books.

And, then make their own world. "

(Osamu Tezuka)

Numbness because Tezuka-san says.
Movie, music, theater, book...
I see. Taku

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