Friday, March 18, 2016

「・・・So, what are you going to?!」is magic word! And・・・  「Against war!」and 「Agree on peace!」is same. Asami Hohoko!!!

In Osaka yesterday・・・

Nice cafe!!!

chocolate so nice!

courage to be happy・・・

Someone is bad.
I am so worse・・・

So what are you going to do?!
This is important.

Osaka, sun rise!

With Hohoko Asami from morning・・・

「Against war!」and 「Agree on peace!」is same. 

But this is different.
It is important!

I hate 〇〇!
more than・・・
I love □□!

was the best!



Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

In Sydney!


This picture exhibition!!!


Natsuko Yokozawa・・・
I like her.

Mie song?!
etsuco "STAND UP!!" - Music Video Full (HD)

God country=new melody made in Mie
etsuco 1st album, from「Wasuremono」,arrived Music Video!!
"STAND UP!!"Music Video

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