Friday, March 18, 2016

March is half ends.. Rally yesterday was great~♪

March is half ends.

Let's remember this month's goal once again.
Stop the hand a little and why do not we write on paper?
1) Remember what  was goal?
2) What is going well?
3) What is not going well?
4) What do you do?
5) What was noticed by this thing? What I remembered?
6) What emotion will you get by accomplishment?
7) To achieve this, is it possible to take advantage of any important of your life?

Toryumon@Sendai yesterday!


「Gyuniku domannaka」
Thank you!

Yocchan 53 years old、

Sendai, I am happy!
Shinto kun, Erie♪

Wa, I am happy it is arrived!
it was on time~

This book!

Hiroyuki Isizuka♪

This play! Kyosan great!



Thank you everyone!


Thank you so much!


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